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Is joining secure and how private is it?

Our processors use extremely safe secure pages (https) when it comes time for you to enter your credit card information. It is 100% SAFE and Secure. No Spam, No Popups, and No Viruses.

I can't watch any videos all I see is letters numbers & random code?

If you see a blank white page with text and numbers when you are trying to watch a video do the following. Go to your Settings > Safari > Be sure Plugins & Javascript is selected ON. This should solve your problem.

I keep entering my Username/Password but cannot login?

Our system is CaSe SeNsiTive so If your username or password begins with a letter, make sure that letter is capitalized. Or if you had capitalized any other letters make sure you entering those exactly how you signed up.

What is Streaming Porn?

Streaming is the quickest way of viewing content on a Mobile device. Using Quicktime Technology, you can watch videos with a tap of a finger video along with having the ability to fastfoward and go watch any desired part in the selected movie without waiting for the whole video to load.

What is the Content Quality?

As mentioned earlier we offer high quality (MP4/ H.264) videos that perfectly fit on your Mobile.

Will i have to sync to iTunes or any other Software?

No! We have skipped this process so viewing porn on your Mobile device is easier!

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